Scout Scene: This publication was created for a local non-profit organization after a stakeholder survey revealed their key publics were weary of receiving only fundraising and volunteer request communications. The feature-based magazine highlighted local youth participants and adult volunteers, which boosted morale in the program and ultimately helped increase yearly donations.

Life Support: This feature article, which appeared in an employee magazine, profiles the community relations activities of FedEx Corp.

When the Pack Attacks: The suicide of 13-year-old Rebecca Sedwick brought national attention to the issue of group bullying. This op-ed piece for Fox News Latino discusses Rebecca’s tragic case and what parents can do to protect their own children from pack attacks.

Roadkill Goldfish: Keller’s personal blog, which is a testament to her social media expertise, has gone viral three times with its heartfelt and thought-provoking content about parenting, education, media, culture and faith. Podcasts are also available on the site.